Career Choices

Clinical Psychologists

  • Largest field in psychology
  • Help  patients determine what mental illness they have and what treatment can be given.
  • Help individuals deal with grief and moving past life-changing events such as divorce.
  • Work settings: Offices, hospitals,  universities, medical schools, and rehab centers         
Brain Cells
Brain Cells


Forensic Psychologists

  • Specially trained to operate within the criminal justice system.
  • Forensic psychologists can help judges and lawyers understand the psychological issue that may be relevant to particular court cases.
  •  These individuals are the psychologists who testify as expert witnesses in courts of law.
  • Specializes in one of the three areas: family court, civil court, or criminal court.
Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist

Developmental Psychologists

  • Study the psychological affects of life-changing periods of growth such as infancy, adolescence, and old age.
  • Job responsibilities include:
    • Evaluating children for developmental disabilities
    • Studying the development of moral reasoning
    • Studying the evolution of ethics in children
    • Studying patterns of behavior and the development of personality
    • Investigating problem solving
  • Work settings: Colleges, universities, government programs, living facilities, psychiatric wards, rehab centers and community centers.
Developmental Psycholgidt
Developmental Psychologist

Health Psychologists 

  • The study of biological factors that affect health and treatment of patients adjust when illnesses affect quality of life.
Health Psychologist
Health Psychologist

Experimental Psychologists

  • Experimental psychologists study human behavior and therapeutic applications.
  • Work setting: research laboratories.
  • Sometimes work with small animals to try to relate these behaviors to human ones.
  • Areas of research include the study of memory, learning and genetic factors influencing behavior.
Experimental Psychologist
Experimental Psychologist

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